Madison's Walkway

Remember to Play
 Dedicated to Madison Haley Arnold
sponsored by The Gasso/Arnold family & Madison's PALS
artist: Janice Hart Melito
Special thanks to Pepsi Refresh, Global Giving and Dillards Fort Worth Distribution

Thank You to the City Of Keller for the land and for installing our musical instruments


Concept of statue by Susan Gasso-Arnold and designed by Janice Hart Melito.
 The statue will have a solar lit candle for every child on their birthdays and anniversarys of their passings. We hope this will be a place of comfort for families and friends to come.  The statue will be surrounded by childrens memorial bricks.

Email for a brick order form if interested.

              Bricks available for order now!
  Bricks in the walkway are in memory of children who have passed away
  $75.00 ea
   Purchase now. We will then send you a form to fill out for your brick engraving. Bricks will be placed in Madison's Walkway to Remember in Keller Texas.

email with questions  


In loving memory of Madison Haley Arnold and her cousins Janet Woodrick and Anastasia Allen        and all children gone too soon

Madison                                                            Janet                                                                Anastasia 

Madison Arnold
October 1 ,1994- March 12 2009

Madison was diagnosed with T-Cell Lymphoblastic Leukemia on February 12 2009 and passed away
a month to the date of her diagnosis. The loss of Madison and the pain of losing a child was our inspiration for
Madison's PALS and the memorial project, so that no child is ever forgotton.

Janet Woodrick
January 9 ,1952 - July 13, 1955
Diagnosed with Wilms tumor at age 3. In the early 1950's there was no treatment for this childhood cancer. Today 96% curable.
Janet would have been Madison's second cousin. Growing up Madison's grandmother Maxine talked about the pain and loss of Janet and how her mother had a picture of her at home, but couldn't talk about her after her death. The loss of Janet was something talked about in our family always and 57 years later she is still thought of and remembered which was part of our need to do this memorial project. The death of a child you never recover from .

Anastasia Allen
December 17, 1997 - March 16, 2011
Anastasia was spending the night with a friend. Her friends step father offered to take the girls on a motorcycle ride. Anaa had never been on a motorcycle before and went first. The motorcycle lost control on a curve on the road and both were killed.
Anastasia was Madison's first cousin. Anastasia died 2 years and 4 days to the date of her cousin Madison's death.


Our sound garden has 5 musical elements in memory of 5 special children gone too soon. Each was sponsored by their family and friends

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Always remembered

Broke ground March 12 , our progress.  Walk of Peace and Love
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